Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow in Charleston!

I think the weather reporter said the last time it snowed more than a dusting in this part of SC, it was in 1989, the winter following Hurricane Hugo.  It was amazing coming down last night, a sight I have not seen in sometime (15 years since I moved here from the mountains)! Alas, today it is mostly melted away, but it made for some weather excitement watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and this Valetine's weekend!

Speaking of Valentines - has the most gorgeous stoneware heart pendants!  In their Blog for Beaders program, I chose this red-cream-gold heart that I have not used yet in a design - I am thinking of combining it with natural Mother-of-pearl and more stoneware beads.   I need to go shopping again at for the stoneware beads.

The pendant I did use in a design is below - and what fun this one is to wear and was to make!  First off, one of the things I love about the website is that with every listing there are pictures and links to items You May Also Like.   Listed with this pendant was the green ribbon I used.  I strung the ribbon through the holes in the heart - I love the way they look together, so I left them just like that!  Pulling color from the pendant, I went to my destash basket of beads that I have not taken photos of, or even begun to list anywhere yet :) and pulled out lovely strands of green and blue India glass beads that seemed to have found their home in design afterall!  Upon more scrounging around, I came up with the red saucer beads, black oval beads, gold filled saucers and Swarovski light Amethyst crystals.  The necklace is 42 inches long and can be worn long, doubled up, tied in a knot and even twisted with the ribbon woven around it!

Happy Valentine's Day!
FTC Disclosure: I participate in Blog for Beaders program and have received the Stoneware pendants and silk ribbon free of charge from I am honestly reviewing the products and have not been paid for my endorsement of the products.

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