Saturday, April 23, 2011

Steampunk & Fairy Wands!

April has been jam packed with lots of goings-on for me!  First off, I participated in Blissfull ATC swap with Debbie R - a delightful gal that makes me so happy to have met her!  She is a lovely soul - please do visit her blog - full of encouraging words and prayerful meditation!

She created this lovely ATC for me in the theme of Steampunk.  We share a love of Victorian things - Don't you just adore the image she used?  And look at all those charming watch parts!

This is the lovely card holder she made ....

And the cutest ever note card she made me - so talented!

Thank you Debbie, It was great fun to be your swap partner!


Next, I participated in Wendy's Bliss Angel Spring Fairy Magic Wand Swap!

Oh What fun that was!  My partner was Jennifer, otherwise known in the Fairy world as Bindweed Elfspider!  My fairy name, by the way is Meadow Willowglow! 

Jennifer has so much talent, I was amazed at viewing her blog - Just Jingle.  Please take a look, you will be amazed too!

Her charming card is embellished fabric - How cool!

The text says, "The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize."
How true!! here's a close-up of the wand she made - I adore those fairies!

The wand handle is wrapped in fabric and pretty bows at the top.

Thank you, Jennifer, that was a great swap and I will treasure my Wand from Spring to Spring!  And a big thanks to Wendy for hosting both of these swaps!


You can see the Steampunk card I made for Debbie and the Spring Fairy Wand I made for Jennifer on my ATC - Collages - Swaps set here.  I sent off the goodies I made for my partners a little early, because Hubby and I went to Washington DC for Spring Break / Vacation / Furlough.
You can see some of the photos I took on my Flickr Washington set here.  I will no doubt be blogging about the trip soon.



  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your fairly wand!!! I added the one you created for me to a little display of art in my studio! love it!

  2. What lovely gifts you received. I've been playing catch up and looking through your blog at all your beautiful work. You are so very creative. Love the ATC's.
    Hope you've had a blessed Easter.
    June xx

  3. Those cards are a treat, and your fairy wands so special I'm ready to put one together. Nice!


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