Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

In South Carolina we have high humidity and temps this past week in the 80's.  Not so good for carved pumpkins, so I carved mine today.  I usually use a template from one of my Pumpkin Masters books but I could not find them today (imagine that!) so I went on-line and downloaded a spider template, I think it was from Better Homes and Gardens.  Why a spider?

My brother recently posted some phenomenal photographs of spider webs on Facebook, and truly, that's all I could think about!  His photography inspired me so!

So I used the template to carve the spider and then using Augy's photo as a guide, I free-handed the web!

Happy Halloween!

In daylight, not too long after carving....

Right in front of St Francis is Pepe's grave marker...he loved Halloween and used to lay on top of one of our cars (mostly the Jeep) to watch all the goings on at Halloween, so we didn't think he would mind the extra tombstones ...

My neighbor Sylvia gave me this skelly candle last year....

Halloween greetings....

Zuni had a bird's eye view from the massive old oak, her favorite place each evening this time of year....

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!  Thanks to my brother for the inspiration for our pumpkin this year!


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  1. Such a great design on your pumpkin. I love how it turned out.


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