Monday, August 30, 2010

Spooky Mondays - Ghosts of Halloweens Past

To start off my first Spooky Monday hosted by Wendy at Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland.  SPOOKY MONDAYS can be anything spooky, or halloweenie, or fall.  I decided I would visit some past Halloweens - maybe I need to go through the non-didgital photos to find more Halloween things.  But first up a photo I took of a photo from my childhood (the good ole sixties!).  That's me on the right as Cinderella with my syblings.  I can remeber how excited I was to have a store-bought costume!

I love carving pumpkins - around here it is so humid, that it can be touch and go how long a pumpkin will actually last once it's carved.  Usually I wait until a day or so before Halloween before carving, but I think the one below I actually carved for my neighbor (she's a vet) a couple of weeks before Halloween.

Finally, my favorite one to carve - I think I have carved this same one almost every year for over a decade- The Headless Horseman!

Please visit Wendy to see all the other participants for Spooky Monday and join in on the fun yourself!



  1. Hi, Happy Spooky Monday! I love your picture from when you were a child, very cool! I also have a Spooky Monday post on my blog if you'd like to see it. Have a great day!

  2. Hi! I had sixties costumes too, but believe it or not, my mom never took any pictures!!! :0 I was a bat! LOL!!!

    I'm on Spooky Mondays too

  3. Your pumkins are neat -but the pic of Halloween past is priceless!

  4. Hi Blanche,
    Thanks for stopping by-I'm following you now too. I've thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog. Loved the sixties photo (my era also), your pumpkin carvings and your jewelry. I'm sure we'll be in touch thanks to Wendy's Spooky Mondays. Please stop back and grab my button(s)!

  5. wow, that headless horseman carving is incredible!
    hope you have a spooky rest of the week!

  6. ay Blanche! What a fabulous and beautiful post..and oh so spooky! Happy Spooky Monday!


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