Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New York City Highlights

Highlights of our trip were visiting once again the American Museum of Natrual History and for me, goggling the Hall of Minerals and Gems. I can never get enough of seeing raw gems that on their own accord and through the handiwork of craftsmen are brilliant wonders of the earth.

Although we didn't go, The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus were at the Madison Square Garden, straight uptown from where we were staying. Their slogan this tour is Zing, Zang, Zoom, which kept us close to our beloved cat, Zuni, left at home & being cared for with much TLC, by our neighbor. She is a crazy cat and the way she races up and down the hallway can be described to a T (or a Z) as Zing, Zang, Zoom - the alliteration was and is a circus load of fun for us!

We didn't make it to Coney Island - the weather was way too cold and I don't think they were even open anyway, but we did find our way down Mulberry Street in Little Italy. Pizza at Lombardi’s was the best I have ever had! While there we happened to meet a couple from LA that were going to the same Broadway show that we were that night as well - Imagine that! Of all the millions of people in NY, figure the odds on that!

The 39 Steps, a comedic interpretation of Alfred Hitchcock's screenplay is based in London and Scotland. The acting was seamless - 4 actors played dozens of characters - it was a real treat played out in the Helen Hayes Theatre.

Sunday was a fine a break in the weather for us - sunshine & warmer temps. Unfortunately my lithium batteries in my camera gave it up - the big outside picture day with a trip to Central Park. Not a battery to be found in the park - thank goodness for Duane Reed Pharmacies. They came through in a pinch with almost any kind of battery for sale one could need.

Dining Highlight hands down was on W 43rd - we strolled around for a few blocks reading menus and the deciding factor with an extensive selection of fresh fish (pesca)was ESCA. Granted, we are somewhat choosy when it comes to dining out for seafood as we not only live in the low country where fresh seafood is abundant, we live it by catching and preparing our own, so good seafood is important to us. ESCA offered impeccable service and expertly presented dining experience. To have happened on it was serendipitous, next trip to NYC however; it will be a definite dining destination.

This little darling was chirping up a storm near an intersection we had to cross several times a day...

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