Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning

With Spring's arrival, of course we spent the weekend 'Spring Cleaning'. First on the agenda was to deal with the leaves our Live Oak Trees produce. For those of you that are not familiar with the life-cycle of a Live Oak, it sheds it's leaves in March instead of in the fall. We are so blessed to have these trees that this little (cough) inconvenience is worth daily raking, blowing, bagging and carrying to the street that we barely know or do anything else during March! Of course I am a bit facetious, but barely. Daily upkeep is a must or it can so get out-of-hand.

We also went through tons of fishing tackle and honed down our remaining stock - less to have to store. The benefactor of our labors today was our neighbor, an engineer and Volunteer Fire-Fighter, who 'seemed' good-spirited through it all and accepted each instruction on how the lure, jig, line, weight, etc was to be used and what fish it was most certainly to catch and where, when, how, what time of day, tide condition, gps co-ordinates, etc from my husband. After a while, it just seemed like all that was a part of letting it go, and that was fine. Today was a beautiful day.

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