Saturday, July 31, 2010

What Happens to the Petals?

Lovely roses gifted to me by my old friend, Joyce.  I have no idea of the name or variety, but they grant us with lovely-ness with each tiny bloom!

But I wonder sometimes.... What actually happens to the petals as the beauty of the roses fade away?

In this case, some fall onto the leaf of a Lucky Bamboo that is her neighbor...

Some get eaten by this little fellow, who seems to have quite the voracious appetite - as many of my plant leaves have holes in them this year....

Like this geranium.  If the petal fell just a tad bit over, it would have fallen through the hole in the leaf!!!

Most simply fall to the ground where they compost and add to the richness of the soil - adding nutrients and goodness feeding the next batch of plants that grow there....

But some end up on a very different journey - and get carried away!

I just signed up for FawnDear's 2nd Star to the Right Blog Party on August 21st.  Stay tuned til then to see how these petals have inspired some fairy-like designs!  Did I mention I am also participating in Justina & Anna's Practical Magic Blog Party?  Lots of fun stuff coming in the next months!  I'm sooo excited!



  1. I'm tickled Pixie Pink that you'll be joining our Second Star Adventure. Can't wait to see your fairy inspired treasure.

  2. I LOVE your rose petals adventures. I didn't know anyone else paid attention to ants either. Some of my rose petals come into the house, dry, and sit in a big bowl, or get pressed and used in picture frames or on wreaths.
    Also, I didn't know until I saw your blog that others were enchanted with fairies. Our arts council holds a "kids fest" day each year, and last year I got to play the part of a fairy in the "enchanted" woods. I had a fairy costume and HUGE wings. I'm not sure when I've ever had so much fun!

  3. Thanks fawndear & Laura!

    My husband saw this post via FB and said, oh! It's a Kindergarten post - with a cheeky grin. Ummm...not so much, but then not everyone gets it - and not everyone believes in magic. I do!

    See you August 21st and September 25!


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