Sunday, March 14, 2010

Steampunked Skeleton Key

Steampunked Heart Skeleton Key

Besides working on my Use The Muse IV piece (more on this next post, but check out the link!), my Steampunked Key is the only thing I finished last week!  I have been taking a jewelry metal working class and decided to give this idea a go -
The filigree heart on the right and the watch part on the left are both soldered on.  The little teensy-tinsy gears and that adorable drop of a ruby are epoxied on. Painstaking work, but not bad for just learning!

I imagine this is one of the few pieces I have made that would appeal to both sexes, as a guy could just tuck it in his pocket or wear it on a chain or strand of leather.  It can be equally as flattering on a woman.  I have toyed with other Steampunk designs, but this is the first one I have finished, photographed, and posted!

Have a great week!

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