Saturday, October 03, 2009

Harvest Moon and Sundry Items

Fall is finally here and as much as I love summer and spring - Fall is truly my favorite time of year. In a few days will we have a Harvest Moon shining over us - a spectacular sight I am so looking forward to seeing! Spending evenings on our back deck gazing at the moon through the live oak branches...

Last night and today I finally found time for creating - a few weeks ago I bought this gorgeous brass pendant from and have been playing around with designs in my mind...

I am quite enamored with using ribbons as clasps - these silk ones from are simply the best! The next necklace is called Halloween Treats - I got these amazing dyed Howlite slabs from The Country Bumpkin (my favorite local bead & arts & crafts store), the Dichroic pendant eons ago from an artisan on Overstock (remember that? The Big O? I had a store there lasted about a minute :) )crackle glass beads from Fire Mountain Gems also bought eons ago, Dichroic beads from and the rest from The Country Bumpkin or just my stash.

Just for fun, here are some earrings I made last year - Can you tell I get inspired this time of year?
Till Death Do Us Part - Day of The Dead Earrings

Falling Acorns

Spiders and Bats

Happy October! Be sure and take a peak at the moon all next week - you may just see The Man In The Moon!



  1. I haven't logged onto your site in a few months and what I see on the front page is just gorgeous! (home page I guess)! I also love the ones in the blog section, which I guess you've put up this month (October) (love the Halloween inspired earrings) Sorry I do not know how to do HTML, so I hope this will post. Luv, CKL ;)

  2. ooops, I wasn't just talking about Harvest Moon but the photos that come up when I put the URL in for your website.. and as I said the ones I saw when I clicked on "blog" which probably does lead to the Harvest Moon.. ;) Charlotte


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