Wednesday, September 02, 2009

South Carolina Artisans on Etsy

The Heart Garden - Phillip Simmons

South Carolina is incredibly well represented across many genres of handcrafted goods on Etsy! Everytime I look, I am truly amazed at the talent of these gals from all over the state of South Carolina!

TEAMSC Etsy Street Team is a active group that promotes Handcrafted goods from South Carolina. Right now through the end of September there is a cool pamphlet for sale chauk full of discount coupons, SC lore, photos, recipes, and tutorials from SC Etsy vendors all in pdf form.

I am honored to have the photo I submitted grace the front page of this unique discount publication! The week after I submitted my photo, esteemed Master Craftsman, Philip Simmons died. In the sweep of celebrity deaths, none had a greater impact on me than this one that was so close to home.

His work lives on through his contributions all across Charleston and within the hearts of those who followed..follow his work and appreciate the craftsman ship that is his legacy. Charleston would not be the same without his contributions that set the standard for the Holy City's iron wrought decorations.

To purchase a TEAMSC discount pamphet (downloadable in Adobe Acrobat Reader) TEAMSC Etsy store.

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