Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Autumn is just around the Corner!

So I have been busy with some new creations!

Muted Autumn

September's Song

In The Warmth of The Sun


  1. These are definitely cool! I agree with autumn coming up quickly many of us girls will be wanting to update our wardrobes with new cloths and accessories. I’d love to wear these pieces as they’re very nice and accent the season well.

    I will also be looking to get my hands on some new sterling silver jewelry for the fall as well. Many of my friends enjoy wearing gold charms, and diamond studded charm bracelets but I prefer the sliver stuff. It looks better on me and it fits my personality better than gold does. :)

  2. Your creations are very beautiful. The colors of the stones and gems are very well chosen. Its going to match to any outfit that you choose to wear because of the organized colors of the jewelry. Its very sophisticated and chic, too!

    You did a very nice job with the jewelry. It will give people ideas on how to create their own sets of jewelries too. Keep it up always!


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