Saturday, March 24, 2007


In the artisan jewelry world, Eni Oken is well known for her incredible designs with wire. After going through a few of her tutorials, I designed this lovely pendant for Valentine's Day. To give some idea of scale, the underlying pink opal stone measures 1.5 inches. The tiniest beads - (1 mm) you can see in the design are sterling silver beads from the flapper era (ya know, Doin' the Charleston) that were used to sew fringe and in making those great purses back then! I got a hank of them on eBay years ago and use them sparingly. They happen to work great with this style of beading!

Romancing the Stone was the second wire adventure of this sort. The first one I made is on display in an art gallery. I dreamt of this one after I read over Eni's tuts. It always amazes me how designs come into my dreams. I call this one, Come Sail Away. As if the ones in the boat are saying it to the dolphins, and she is saying it right back!

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