Saturday, September 17, 2005

Creativity Inspiration

Between cleaning up the house and getting my jewelry making area organized so it doesn't intrude on the family, I have managed to create some pieces that were really fun to make! The first was an Inspiration Challenge from a Bead/Designers group I belong to on eBay. They post a pic and we create our own interpretation of it. The pastel colors used were fun to work with, especially this time of year! Butterfly Kiss features lampwork beads, both artisan made and mass-produced, Swarovski crystals in deilcate pastel shades strung on chains and tiny little sterling silver butterflies.

Inspiration photo

Another Challenge is for the Zodiac signs. Since I am a Virgo, this one was especially fun to create, Virgo Mermaid. I like using different types of stones, and the Dumortierite nugget beads fit right in with the awesome lampwork beads, a very rich, deep blue. I love Mermaids and thought it matched the Virgo theme the way I see it!

And lastly, another New Orleans themed charm bracelet, Bourbon Street. This one doesn't have any bids yet, maybe because it is only 25% donation to charity, I don't know. I think it's the prettiest one though! I used lampwork beads that were actually left over from a set that I used in a different piece. Lots of topaz Swarovskis in various shades, and my two all time favorite vintage Swarovskis, Maderia and Mink. I can never get enough of the New Orleans themed charms in Sterling silver, they are great tokens to remember NO the way it was....

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